The idyllic forest world with the image of Vikos Gorge, nestled among the high mountains, reflects the architectural and atmospheric story of our guest house that offers our guests a unique experience in a natural landscape protected by UNESCO. A space that breathes and spoils us with the geological story of VIKOS Gorge, traditional villages, and its brave men and women.

These idyllic stories are also reflected in our cuisine, events and wellness services.
Allow us to help you choose the right option to relax and to reflect on this spectacular natural landscape. There are many hotels located in magnificent places. Just like ours. And we can write MAGNIFICENT with capital letters.

From our hotel, the view stretches across the forest and embraces the entire beauty of the Pindus Mountain Range. We call it doorstep nature.

Yes, it sounds simple. But there are not many idyllically located guest house that have character. When you get up from your bed and enter the outdoor living room in the our garden, the nature of Zagori and the view of the mountains will make you feel like you’re watching the best series on Netflix – without subtitles.

You will observe and marvel at the drama of the different light above the forest between the mountains. This set design cannot be surpassed by any TV production. Our guest house doesn’t have subtitles nor tv and you’ll understand why.

Natural materials, design, breakfast that draws from the local supply chain and our lovely vegetable garden… You are entering a hospitable environment, where as we say: “home is where you feel”.

It will be our greatest pleasure to present you the best of Zagori.

There are not many oases in Zagori where every taste is satisfied – if you just understand that you simply have to take your time and enjoy our garden before immersing yourself into our library.

By looking forward and exceeding standards, as locals, we have made an extra effort to do everything un our power to enhance this magnificent privilege of beauty and natural preservation of Zagori.

Katikia Zagori with its architectural and energy renovation exceeds the energy efficiency, ecological awareness and natural resources protection standards. We appreciate that we are all just guests in this biodiverse natural environment, where tourism coexists with the local way for sustainability by reducing our impact on the environment.

We avoid the use of disposable plastic as much as possible.
We separate all our garbage, we use a home-made compost box and we save and store for use in our garden rain water in our 100 years old cistern.

We are locals, and as such we strive to connect with local suppliers and thus strengthen the local economy and reduce the travelling of the products used for you comfort. You will taste some of the finest local products, most of which are certified organic; like Rhizoma Olive Oil. We try our best to use most of our trees and vegetables and offer them to you with the less processing possible.